Journey to the Stage: 17 Weeks Out


 On July 15, 2017, I, Devrin Batiste Sr. will be competing in my very first Mens Physique competition.  The show is the NPC Red Stick Classic and it will be in Baton Rouge, LA at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

I have decided to document my journey so that you all can follow along with me.  

Since today makes 17 weeks until showtime, I have decided to slowly start to lower my body fat.  By starting now and taking my time, I will be able to avoid losing too much muscle mass while stripping the body fat off.

As far as my workout goes, I will increase my reps using rest pauses so that I can keep the weight fairly heavy and perform higher reps.  I know that it will be challenging but I'm up for it.

My meals will need some adjusting also.  By reducing my carbohydrate calories a little bit, my body fat should start to fall.  I don't want to reduce them too much too fast because I will still the energy for my training.  

My cardio will be 30 minutes for 3 days a week and my water intake will increase to 1.5 gallons a day.  

I will be doing this without a contest prep coach but like I said before, I'm up for the challenge.  

I sincerely appreciate all of the support that you all have been providing and I look forward to sharing my journey with you all.


Devrin Batiste Sr.

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